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buenos... The Chinese name of their own country is Zhōngguó (中國), meaning “The Middle Kingdom.” Many scholars mistakenly believe that the ancient Chinese arrogantly considered themselves to be the only civilized nation surrounded by savages. But that is not the origins of this name. China considers itself to be the “Middle Kingdom,” because the kingdom of man is trapped between the heavens and the earth.
Most times when we discuss Qì (氣), we are talking about Human Qì, or Rén Qì (人氣). But it is important to realize that this is not the only type of Qì out there. In fact, under the broadest definition of Qì, everything in the universe is made of this energy, and the Qì of the universe can be divided into three types. The first, known as Heavenly Qì, or Tiān Qì (天氣), makes up the stars, weather, air, sun, moon, and even the gods (as, at that time, the Chinese believed the gods lived among or actually were the stars). The second type of Qì is called Earthly Qì, or Dì Qì (地氣…